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The Down Home Candle Story

Down Home Candle Co. was created from love, creativity, and simplicity and the name is all about feeling connected to home and family.....going down home.

I've always felt that fragrance is an extension of home design (which I love), and it impacts my mood and my mind, so I make sure that every scent that goes into a DH candle makes me feel cozy and peaceful! 

My name is Jen and I'm the founder and one-woman-creative behind Down Home Candle Co. My values in life revolve around family and a grounded way of living.

My Mom was a maker and a crafter and she instilled in me a passion for being creative and "crafty" when I was a little girl.  She taught me to knit, sew, paint and design hand-made creations with purpose.  I've taken that creativity and crazy love for candles (seriously I love candles) and come up with products that I hope you love as much as I do! 

With a lot of experimenting with waxes and oils I finally found the perfect natural solution… soy wax and natural essential oils - free from toxins and the yucky stuff no one needs!

All DH candles are designed and hand-poured in small batches in New Brunswick Canada. 

Thanks for stopping by the on-line shop!


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